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About the Tasmanian Transport Association


National uniformity, regulatory reform and open competition threatens the cosy environment in which much of Tasmania’s transport industry has developed.

Things which make Tasmania unique also make its industries especially vulnerable, viz

  • small local markets and poor returns;
  • low levels of industrial unrest;
  • limited competition;
  • pressure to be nationally and internationally competitive; and
    • Slow rates of past regulatory change.

Much of the industry has been lulled into believing that significant change will be a long time coming, if at all!

But change is happening and the transport industry can define the kind of future it wants if it acts collectively to put its case to the Government and the people.


TTA has taken over the role which the Tasmanian Road Transport Association (TRTA) played for more than 60 years. But the TTA represents all modes of transport.

The present day Association reflects the special problems confronted by Tasmanian transport operators due to our isolation, our geography and our decentralisation.


The Tasmanian Transport Association is a public company limited by guarantee and registered under the Corporations Law of Tasmania. Its members are transport operators, freight forwarders and shippers that operate in Tasmania. The Association maintains close links with similar organisations in other states, and nationally.

The Association is committed to promoting efficient, effective transport to, from and within Tasmania by influencing both the regulation of transport and the provision of transport infrastructure.



Click here for a list of the current TTA Board of Directors



Like its counterparts in other states TTA exists to serve the different needs of its members, for example: –

If you have an issue with a government agency, we will take up your case with the authorities and try to fix the problem.

If you have a problem without an obvious solution – but you would like to air your concerns, we may be able to point you in a new direction.

If you have a complaint about another operator or a union, we will endeavour to find a compromise.

If you are trying to innovate, to introduce a new technology or simply to change the way you have done things in the past; we can help.

– If you want your interests pursued with state, federal or local governments; or if you simply want to ensure that transport’s contribution to our economy is recognised, you should join the TTA.



TTA represents its members and the transport industry on local and national committees, viz:

  • Tasmanian Transport Council (TTC)
  • Road Transport Training (RTT)
  • Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation (ARTIO)
  • Tasmanian Heavy Vehicle Safely Council. (HTSAC)
  • National Transport Commission (NTC) Industry Advisory Committee (IAG)



TTA members are also members of ARTIO (Tas) unless they choose otherwise. ARTIO membership is not available separately.

Members of TTA/ARTIO receive:

  • advice on industrial matters;
  • help with interpretation of industrial award provisions;
  • assistance with Enterprise Bargaining negotiations;
  • information about changes in the industrial relations environment; and
  • Representation in the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (the travel costs of any interstate representatives are generally shared by the employers represented).



The Association keeps in touch with its members through its newsletter and through mail outs. Members are also invited to special or regional meetings, held as required to help resolve local problems or to provide comment on technical innovations and national reforms.

The TTA Annual Dinner, held each year, is the premier social event of the Tasmanian transport calendar.



Our newsletter, Transport Matters, is faxed to members. Transport Matters provides members with up-to-the-minute information on coming events, local and national transport topics and notes on news items of particular relevance to those in the transport industry.



Legislation and Industrial Award details plus further information about TTA activities is available at www.tta.org.au


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