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TTA logoThe Heavy Vehicle OSOM section of the industry and some manufacturers have been decimated, no, almost debilitated,  since the inception of the NHVR by the amount of time it has been taking to obtain some access permits however, with the support of the industry and particularly some specific members through numerous meetings with various departments, perhaps we can see some light at the end of the tunnel.

At a meeting in Hobart in late April with TTA, NHVR, State Growth, LGAT and a number of local government (councils) representatives the NHVR proposed that they to take over the complete role of issuing OSOM permits for Tasmania and they will be able to track the process from application to issuing . There is still a lot of work to do by the NHVR staff to overcome the bottleneck at local councils level but with increased  consultation and financial support offered both from LGAT and NHVR it appears that the time issues of issuing permits may be overcome in the near future.

Notice from the NHVR 5th of May 2015

Tasmania Class 1 permits

The NHVR recently announced that the process for Class 1 permits (oversize/overmass, agricultural and special purpose vehicles) in Tasmania would change at the beginning of May, from the current interim system (involving both NHVR and Department of State Growth) to the NHVR becoming the sole point of contact and coordination.

During the development of this new process, the NHVR assured industry and our jurisdictional partners that, while a date for the transition had been specified, we would only transition when we had the new process right. With this in mind, collaborative work to transition the process will continue until we are confident that this is the case. Industry has told us they want a simplified system and we are committed to deliver the best possible outcome. The NHVR will provide an update to interested parties once we have reached this stage.

This initiative is another important step in moving towards a more safer and productive national heavy vehicle environment for all and we thank you for your understanding.



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